I am.
Hi, I am Heidi. My family and I live very remotely in Central Montana in the Missouri River Breaks. We have 4 dogs, 4 cats, 21 chickens, 2 ducks, grateful hearts, and big dreams.
I am a Reiki Master, herbalist, passionate aromatherapist, mama bear, loving wife, rowdy gardener, eclectic designer, cannabis advocate, 4th generation Montanan, serial entrepreneur, multi-creative, introverted small business owner, empathetic medium, angel communicator, aspiring writer, blogger, yoga enthusiast, wellness advocate, creative dreamer, and accidental goddess. 
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My Story


My name is Heidi Tungesvick.  As a little girl, I felt a deep and profound connection to angels, nature, animals, and the Divine in all things.  As I have traversed through my life, high school, college, marriage, kids, and career, I have found that my darkest and most difficult moments occurred when that connection to the Divine in all things was weak and ignored.


I had many mental and physical health issues that doctors had no cure for including depression, auto-immune disorders, pre-cancerous lesions, allergies, chronic fatigue, and anxiety.  Despite all of that, it took watching one of my young children struggle to be the final straw. 


I started a quest for answers, cures, and help. I discovered that I and my children were extremely sensitive to chemicals in our environment and food. I also underwent profound spiritual healing. I found the tools that brought my health and my family’s health back to homeostasis. 


When I realized that the modalities and products that worked for me and my family are not well known or easily accessible by most people I decided to start my own business and spread the health and wellness that I know is achievable. 

My Mission


My mission at Wild Velvet Wellness is to facilitate the health and healing that I know is possible.  I have worked hard to bring you products and tools to incorporate into your everyday life.  Everyone deserves to live a JOYOUS LIFE!

I have studied and researched the best of the best and am proud to offer 406 CBD products and Young Living essential oils.

Why Plant-Based Medicines?
What I love about Essential Oils and CBD is that between the 2 product lines a person has everything they need to kick the poisons out of their home care products, body care products, and medicine cabinets!

Heidi Tungesvick

Owner Wild Velvet Wellness​