Why Hemp?

Industrial hemp and the CBD derived from it is 50 states legal and shippable. Hemp is an amazing plant with thousands of uses but most importantly it heals our bodies and the Earth! Hemp CBD oil really hit the market hard in 2017 and hasn’t stopped growing. In fact, it is positioned to be the fastest growing industry in the nation, and on track to increase by 1000% as stated in Forbes magazine.   

Why CBD?

Out of the more than 100 cannabinoids discovered so far, CBD (cannabidiol) is deemed one of the most therapeutic. Famous for helping epileptic children CBD is more commonly used to relieve achy muscles and sore joints and to aid in mood regulation. Wondering if CBD is right for you? Google CBD and (your condition) and find out. Or better yet just give it a try!


What Our Customers

Are Saying

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I started taking CBD a little over a year ago to improve general health. I noticed almost immediately that my sleep improved. Approximately 60 days later, I was speaking publicly and noticed that I didn't have any anxiety - no red chest, no racing heart, no panic while speaking. Within six months, I also noticed that I had fewer bouts of depression, my digestive system improved, and my Rosacea was much better. I've had days where I could leave the house without feeling like I need foundation! While I liked the brand I was using, I was noticing I was having a hard time finding my sweet spot dosage wise. While I was waking up less during the night, I still woke up a few times. I decided to try the 406 CBD Broad Spectrum CBD Capsules. The very first night, I fell asleep and didn't wake up until my alarm went off. This has continued since I started it. I also tried using the Deep Relief CBD cream on my face. Not only does it smell amazing, it doesn't dry out my skin and has continued to help keep my skin smooth and the redness is reducing from the Rosacea. Not to mention, my kids love it! My son had a backache from riding his bike and the cream improved it immediately. My daughter had not gotten relief from cramps using another brand, but the 406 CBD cream worked almost immediately. Best of all, I save money since the cream has multiple uses! Words cannot express how pleased I am with the quality of 406 CBD. I can't wait to try new products as they are launched!

-Melissa Bertoch 

This stuff works! High quality, fast acting, and exceptional people, behind this product!! 406 CBD has relieved my anxiety and the muscle cream is a silver bullet to my aches. I only trust 406 CBD, now!

-Sarah Jacobs 

I’m sold!!! After 2 days of using the cbd oil my hot flashes had significantly lessened after 3 days they are gone. Thank you 406 CBD!!!

-Krista Talbott

CBD has been a huge game changer. I use the drops through out the day for anything from headaches to anxiety. The salve has become a must-have, soothing everything from sore muscles to cramps. After a long day of bird hunting or fly fishing, the salve helps me make sure I am ready to get up and go the next morning. The gummies make a great mid-day pick me up. Adding CBD to my daily routine has been massively helpful!

-Chloe Nostrant 

Why Wild VelvetWellness?

CBD Products for the Mind, Body, Spirit, and Planet

Zero % THC

All of the relaxation without any of the intoxication. Our CBD is extracted from plants that contain little to no THC, to begin with. It is then gently refined and tested to ensure that our final product has 0% THC. Period. 


Sourcing & Extraction are Key

Our CBD is extracted from Industrialized Hemp which is grown using organic farming practices right here on American soil on our own farms. That's right, we control the process from soil to seal and we adhere to very strict agricultural standards prohibiting GMO's, pesticides, and poisons.


We use the supercritical CO2 extraction method, which creates a product safe for consumption and safe for the environment. This also helps keep temps low enough to preserve the quality of our CBD.


Nano-Amplification for Greater Efficiency

We continue with our meticulous process until we've removed all the impurities, to get 100% pure cannabinoids, with 406 CBD's NANO-AMPLIFICATION technology, for amazing bio-availability.


That means that a 500 mg bottle of OUR CBD is more valuable to you, as far as how well your body utilizes it than a 5,000 mg bottle of another company's product.


Just as importantly, our CBD products Taste Great!

 Wild Velvet Wellness is a proud partner with 406 CBD Products. Find out more about our company, products, and partnerships.  

I spent 3 years researching CBD.

Only the best would do.

I spent 3 years researching CBD and our endocannabinoid system and finding out how amazing it is. I wanted to find a good company who's products I could feel confident giving to my clients, friends, family and that I could put my name behind. I found companies that were using hydrogenated oils and red food dye in CBD products that are supposed to be a nutritional supplement that is good for you! Yuck!

I am excited to announce that I am co-founding a CBD company: 406 CBD!

The products that I represent are all natural. The sublingual drops have 2 ingredients: MCT oil and pure CBD. The peppermint drops are flavored with essential oil!


The ingredients and the integrity of the products are of utmost importance to me and I eagerly share the COAs and product knowledge. 


-Heidi Tungesvick

Owner at Wild Velvet Wellness

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