Cultivating Positivity for a Joyous Life

We all know that a positive attitude is good for your health by reducing stress and lowering blood pressure.

But what about happiness? I am talking about the quality of your moment to moment existence. I don’t know about you but I want to enjoy my life, not hate it.

Life is full of speed bumps and surprises. How we react to these surprises is the key to a joyous or miserable existence. This blog post includes some of my favorite ways to cultivate positivity.

A lot of us believe that we are subject to and victimized by how other people or events make us feel. I reject the idea that I have to give my power away like that.

What if we started taking some responsibility for our own happiness and joy? What an empowering paradigm shift!

With practice and determination, cultivating a positive perspective can become second nature.

A few years ago while I was visiting my parents over Christmas, I spilled red wine on the fairly new off-white carpet. My Mom was aghast when I immediately said, “Oh good, we can try the salt trick I recently heard about to remove the stain!” Mom said a few things to the effect of the opposite of “Oh good” and expressed her displeasure at my flippant response to her potentially ruined carpet. The salt trick worked with a follow up of some sort of cleanser and the stain came completely out. We now laugh about that incident and my knee-jerk reaction of “Oh good, an opportunity…”.

That positive attitude has made me too idealistic and naive at times, but generally, it has served me well. When faced with dog diarrhea, potato beetles, stomach virus, mean girls or any other speed bump that life throws my way, I know that I can eventually laugh and maybe even someday see the opportunity that arose from the event.

What makes you joyous?

  • My heart races when I receive my annual David Austin Rose Catalog.

  • I feel pretty when my toenails are painted, even if no one can see them.

  • Dancing to upbeat music makes me smile, inside and out.

  • Yoga followed by a quick meditation leaves me blissful and ready to tackle the rest of my day.

  • Hugs, essential oils, probiotic foods...I could go on for hours but you get the idea.

I surround myself with images, people, colors, plants and animals that make me happy just seeing them.

  1. I call this the Rainbow Bubble meditation because I feel like I am floating around in a rainbow bubble afterwards.

Begin by sitting or lying down in a comfortable position. Remember; where attention goes, energy flows. Send your attention 300 feet above your head. Look around, what a view! This is where your higher-self resides with Father Sky. Now send white light energy from that place down into the crown of your head, through your face, neck, shoulders, arms. There is an unending supply that keeps flowing. Feel your body tingling with the energy as it flows through your body. It flows through your chest and stomach, over your back, down your legs, and out your feet. That golden white energy light is flowing from your feet into the Earth. It is traveling down, down, down into the warm, safe womb of Mother Earth. When it reaches the center of the Earth your golden white light energy rebounds as if on a trampoline back up through the earth into the soles of your feet, up your legs and torso until it reaches your heart. At your heart the energy meets the energy still pouring in from above. Your body is filled with this powerful, loving, healing energy. As you breathe out your energy emanates out 360 degrees from your heart chakra to create a bubble of divine energy all around your body. Every breath in you feel the flow of energy coming up from your feet and down from your crown simultaneously to meet at your heart, and expand out. As you breathe out again, your energy expands to encompass the room you are in, then the building you are in. Your next breath out expands your energy to the city you are in. Then the state. The country, hemisphere and finally the entire Earth. After our energy encompasses the earth it radiates out from the Earth into the Universe effortlessly. You are now in a state of extremely expanded energy.

2. I only follow people or businesses on social media which elevate my vibration. I avoid the fear-mongering mainstream media. I block negative or annoying Facebook friends. Let it be known; if you complain about the weather (the one thing no one has any control over) I will block you. My friends and family are a constant source of love and support and when they are not, I try to be a source of love and support for them. I enjoy numerous online groups of like minded individuals such as the Accidental Goddess Community page on Facebook. I also love positive and engaging periodicals such as Wild Sister Magazine. Check out My Store for interesting ideas to bring joy, mindfulness, and laughter into your life.

3. Bright colors make me happy, however, depending on the day I may limit or manipulate my color exposure to achieve a particular physiological or psychological effect. (More on color therapy in a later post!). Check out these color therapy glasses at Rainbow OPTX!

4. Indoor plants clean the air, bring in beautiful shades of green, nature's neutral, add a softness to the interior design and offer their own beautiful living energy to a room. Gardening is the world’s most popular hobby for a very good reason! Plants are awesome! Check out my blog post on healing gardens.

5. My cats and dogs are pure unconditional love and affection coupled with unique personalities. They are entertainment and fuzzy cuddles. Studies have shown that petting a dog or cat lowers blood pressure and reduces depression. Studies have shown that owning a pet lengthens one’s life span. When my kids are bickering and crabby I invite them to sit with me and watch funny pet videos on YouTube. It shifts their mood instantly and it works every time! (I like it too…).

This is a list of things that I actively cultivate in my life to bring me joy. Your list might be very different. Use this as a starting point for you own list. Share your list with me below in the comment section. I would love to hear them!

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