Color Confessions

I am a color slut! Sorry Mom! (She hates it when I say things like that). Colors have always been an important part of how I've moved through the world. For me, colors were automatically attributed to emotions, people, experiences, dreams, memories, and places. I have always loved colors with wanton abandon and encouraged others to do the same. However, not always to their delight.

I have a friend whose husband is still irked with me for his bright yellow dining room. When my friend came to me with a bright sunflower yellow paint chip and asked if she should paint her dining room that color I said “Sure!” I assumed she loved that color and was intuitively drawn to it for a reason and, well, I like yellow. Her husband felt otherwise.

The lesson here is that taste in color is individualized despite the many generalities. Yellow, especially, seems to be a love it or hate it color.

In college, while majoring in Interior Design, I studied color psychology. Unfortunately, it seems that only marketing companys really utilize this information to its full potential. For example, red stimulates passions and appetites and is a traditional color for formal dining rooms and popular in restaurants. If you paint your toddlers room red you may never sleep again.

What is Color Therapy?

Color therapy, or Chromotherapy, is a vibrational healing modality that can be implemented with various materials including lights, crystals, fabrics, candles, paints and eye-ware. Color is a form of visible light, or electrical magnetic energy. Every color of the rainbow has its own unique healing properties. Each color has emotions, chakras, vibrations, angels, seasons, animals, elements, essential oils, and minerals associated with it.

There are numerous and wonderful books available that go into great detail on this subject if you are interested in further exploration. You might surprise yourself if you give color therapy a try. It's awesome!

Keep reading for quick and easy ways to implement color therapy into your life!

Here are 7 quick ways to use color to heal physical, mental, spiritual or emotional ailments or achieve a desired effect in your life.

1. Meditate on the color of choice using visualization techniques or a picture from a book, magazine or website.

2. Wear the color! Be intentional with your wardrobe choices.

3. Use colored lights! Use LED light bulbs that you can choose the color! For a more old fashioned approch to that concept simply drape a colored scarf over a lamp shade. Make sure it doesn't touch the light bulb or it could get hot and start a fire!

4. Decorate with pictures or cards where you will see them often such as your desk at work or the refrigerator door. Every time you look at the color in pictures or cards you are reminded of your intention.

5. Be conscious of the feeling you want when choosing home décor. Often times we go by fads and what we think is stylish when choosing home décor colors. I would encourage you to do a little research and pick colors that you like, as well as, colors that will help you achieve the feelings and emotions you want to purvey and foster in your home. Trends come and go but the feeling you get from a place stays with you.

6. Color affirmation cards are a fun and effective tool. Check out these beautiful affirmation cards made by my friend and holistic goddess Sarah Jacobs!

7. An easy and fun thing to do is wear Rainbow Optx glasses. I love mine! Just looking at them makes me laugh out loud. Where have these been all my life? I now have literal rose colored glasses to go with the figurative ones that I have been accused of wearing my whole life! They are perfect for activating different chakras and vibrations! I need a pair in every color. No, I am not getting paid to say this. I just love them that much.

Here are 2 fun color exercises.

1. Depending on the aspect of yourself you want to heal, envision a light made of that color shining on and in that particular place. For example, you might envision an emerald green light swirling and glowing within your achy shoulder. Visualize the beautiful green light purifying and healing that shoulder for 15 minutes twice a day for a speedy recovery.

2. To become more in-tuned to the different vibrations of colors try this exercise. Lay or sit down in a relaxed and comfortable position. Hold your hands about 4-6 inches apart. Imagine a colored ball of energy in your hands. Hold each color for 5 minutes and take notice of the impressions, feelings and sensations you get from the color. Repeat this exercise with other colors. The more you do this the more you will be able to feel the energy of different colors. I was surprised the first time I did this exercise. Each color has a very distinctive vibration.

My hope is that this blog post ignites the possibility of using colors to enhance and heal your life.

Have a colorful life!

Please share your color therapy experiences below. I would love to hear them!

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