I am an Accidental Goddess

What is Accidental Goddess?

A fellow goddess, Sarah Jacobs with Shidoni Wellness & Crystal Connections Magazine, and I found our interests aligned and complemented each other. We decided to create something that would help fill our needs and other's needs that were on a similar path. We are the change that we want in our lives. Sarah and I have gifted ourselves the support that we wish we already had and then offer that support to anyone else who wishes for it. That is how the Accidental Goddess Community was born.

Who is an Accidental Goddess?

An Accidental Goddess is a magical maven that is finding her true essence during the trials of daily life through her hunger to learn and grow. She is a spiritual bad-ass that uses the tools of humor, grace, compassion, self-examination, and love to navigate her life. She is perfectly imperfect. She bravely makes the world better by simply embodying her authentic feminine wisdom.

I am an Accidental Goddess.

I was blind to the Divine Spark within myself. I had everything. I was stumbling around in my nice home, with my loving husband, bright children, and friends. I wasn’t happy. I knew there was supposed to be more. I needed meaning in my life. There was an emptiness I couldn’t explain.

That missing piece was my awareness of my connection with the Divine Creator. The unity of calling in my Divine Feminine side to take up residence in a venerated spot alongside my Divine Masculine aspects created a wholeness (and holiness) within myself that has been life changing.

A profound aspect of my journey was the joining with a long-neglected part of myself, the Divine Feminine. The world I lived in told me everything that I should strive for was masculine (competition, strength, linear, logical left-brain expression, the warrior) and that everything I should suppress is feminine (cooperation, softness, intuitive, cyclical creative right-brain expression, the peacemaker). I spent years berating myself for my innate feminine aspects and had a general feeling of wrongness about me. This, often unconscious notion, created a dissonance inside of me that expressed itself as depression, disease, and shame.

I often felt ashamed that I wasn’t a hard-driven career woman earning loads of money to support my family. Emotionally I felt driven to focus most of my attention on creating and nurturing my family, friends, and environment. This wasn’t socially rewarded or celebrated.

I was embarrassed that I had no inclination or the disposition to compete with others making sports and verbal debates unpleasant and impossible. I have been discounted as simple and lacking in intelligence because I refuse to force my opinions, thoughts, and principles on others. I am happy to share if asked but I rarely am. This blog has been a terrifying and liberating experience in that aspect!

The feeling of disconnectedness is an illusion that we weave over ourselves. It is an integral part of the human experience. Seeing through the false and acknowledging our oneness is a seismic shift. Embracing the Divine Feminine was an essential part of my evolution. My intuition and knowing are a peace-giving aspect of myself that I stay actively attentive to in order to keep my balance.

When I tapped into the fullness of Source Energy, I found myself. I recognized the feeling of connection that I had as a child. I immediately felt the comfort and support of the Divine Creator, which is both, or neither, male or female, but helps us to come to terms with the duality of life on Earth as well as the duality of our own natures. The healing love and compassion that accompanies this connection is within and without all of us. It is part of everything. It is the feeling of coming home and realizing you have been there all along.

I learned I had power and magic inside of me. We all do. I just wasn’t using it. I didn’t even know it was there. When I started connecting with my divine nature my creativity, compassion, and love started to flow. Peace pervaded my experience where there used to be pain and chaos. My life isn’t perfect now, but I handle the difficulties with more peace, grace and creative problem solving than I ever previously thought possible.

My Prayer for you Dear Reader:

May you connect to your personal Divine Spark and integrate your energy in order to find the peace of completeness and divine flow that accompanies spiritual unity. Rage, roar, and express yourself with your inner God and rest, birth, and surrender to compassion with your inner Goddess. Rejoice in the wholeness of being a human in all it’s raw juiciness.


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