Angels & Coffee

I have been working with my Angels since I was a child and have seen and experienced numerous miracles. Even so, they still surprise me with what they can do and how lovingly helpful they can be.

I have been a coffee lover since middle school. I remember my first Mocha with my mom and her friend at the mall in Juneau, Alaska. Heaven! I loved it. I drank coffee through high school and worked at coffee shops (among other places) during college. I enjoyed the smell, the taste, the cups that varied from fancy to huggable and plain. I enjoyed dark roasts, flavored drips, lattes, cappuccinos and frozen coffees. Even though I mostly abstained during my pregnancies I quickly became heavily dependent on coffee and caffeine as a young mother.

I don’t think that coffee is bad for me in and of itself but I soon identified coffee as a “gateway food” because I would often have to eat something to settle my stomach if I imbibed in too much and what goes better with coffee but a sweet carbohydrate-rich treat? Marrying coffee with muffins, cookies, scones, and quick bread (all of which I love to bake) sabotaged most of my diet goals before the day was half over. I also questioned the effect caffeine had on my body’s hormonal chemistry such as stress hormones (cortisol) and blood sugar levels. I also wondered if mycotoxins were to blame for some of my allergy problems.

At one point I detoxed from coffee. It took four days of headaches, body aches, and extreme fatigue but I did it! I felt lighter and free. Unfortunately, I quickly fell back into my old ways and started drinking coffee again within a few weeks.

I started partaking in the butter coffee trend and enjoyed less brain fog and more energy. It was much easier to abstain from the baked goods on the intermittent fasting diet with butter coffee. I ate more veggies and lost some weight. I felt good about drinking coffee again.

Fast forward two years later.

I was working with my angels. I asked them to help me make healthier choices. To help me want, and even crave, foods that were for my highest good. I asked them to take away my cravings and addictions for unhealthy foods and also to take away any withdrawal symptoms I have related to these foods. When I asked for this, I was thinking about sugar and fried foods mainly, but I didn’t say that.

Imagine my surprise when I lost all taste for coffee. Its appeal is gone! Even more amazing is that I just quit drinking it and had no side effects or withdrawal symptoms what so ever.

Ok Angels, message received loud and clear! They knew what I needed more than I did. I have a few other new aversions such as certain processed meats and some dairy products. I trust my feelings and let them guide me when making choices, and most importantly I remember to ask my Angels for help!

I am not suggesting that everyone needs to stop drinking coffee. I am saying to be open to new ideas. Listen to your angel’s signs, your body, and emotional feelings. Coffee wasn’t even on my radar, but it was made clear to me that coffee wasn’t for my highest good and that I didn’t need it. For you it might be something completely different. The point is to pay attention.

How to work with your Angels.

  • Ask for what you want, preferably out loud.

  • Remember to say please and thank you. A little gratitude goes a long way with Angels.

  • Feel free to get as specific as you would like to with your Angels such as please take away this headache etc. Also, be open to feelings, emotions and synchronicities you receive as this is feedback from your Angels.

  • Keep in mind there is a divine plan for all of us and the Angels want to help keep us on that path of purpose. So, if you are asking for something that isn’t for your highest good the Angels have the free will to say no.

Don’t know where to start? Here is a sample prayer you are welcome to use.

There are also essential oils, herbs, and energy healing techniques that help with food addictions.

If you want to learn more about working with your Angels or overcoming food addictions please contact me for an appointment that can be held online or over the phone.

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