Prospect and Refuge

The front porch of the log home we are building in Montana.

Prospect and Refuge

Happy New Year! 2019 is here!

Seventeen years ago when I was in interior design school at the Rock Mountain School of Art and Design, we learned about Prospect and Refuge. These were two critical physical and psychological states that come together to create a satisfying experience. When applied to interior design successfully the user of the space would feel safe and yet excited for new possibilities.

I believe that this human need for prospect and refuge applies to all areas of our lives including relationships and business. We are always walking the line of ‘safe and familiar’ and ‘new and exciting.’ We are sometimes slipping into the extremes of ‘boring and dull’ or the other extreme of ‘dangerous and scary.’

The key to balancing these states in all areas of our lives is the intention we give to them. The heart we put into them. Do all things with love. This activates the heart chakra.


Lay the foundation for a stable refuge. Plan and do the groundwork. Know yourself and your goals. Know who you are. Have a plan of action for your business, relationships, physical, mental, and spiritual health. Set your intentions and work towards them every day.

Every. Day.

Be rooted in this process. Your commitment is your grounding energy which creates stability. This stability is your refuge. This clears and energizes your lower three chakras.


Once you are grounded in your refuge, you can enjoy the prospects. You can enjoy the infinite possibilities that lie ahead. You can feel yourself being pulled by what sets your soul on fire.

What excites your intellect?

What makes your body burn for more?

What scares the shit out of you?

Listen to the yearnings of your being and send your intention in those directions. It will be new and frightening, but with your solid foundation, you can handle what the amazing and unknowable future holds. This clears and energizes the upper three chakras.

By paying homage to your states of prospect and refuge, you can move forward and have a fantastic new year in 2019!

If you have questions about chakras, want to visit about human psychology, or get a chakra clearing from me, send me a message at

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