"My experiences with Heidi and her energy healing talents are always enjoyable and relaxing. Heidi has a beautiful connection to her Higher Source, and it always comes through in a peaceful yet powerful way. Whether she is sending a blessing, or allowing pure Source energy to come through, it is always done from a place of loving intention. Heidi has compassion for her clients and is committed to finding specific solutions that work for them. She respectfully listens to what your needs and concerns are, and taps into her vast knowledge of herbology, aromatherapy, energy healing, and spiritual guidance to do her best to assist you along your journey. Heidi will treat your mind, body and soul, so that you can face your challenges with a renewed sense of energy for life. When you receive a session with her, you are also receiving her knowledge and guidance, so that you understand how to apply new and healthy changes to your everyday life, in easy and simple ways. I have every confidence in Heidi as a spiritual healer and teacher and recommend her to friends, family, and my own clients."



Fargo, ND

"I did a raindrop therapy session with Heidi, and it was a very positive experience.  Raindrop therapy is very calming, soothing and relaxing.  Heidi has such a gentleness about her and she helps to make you feel  safe and secure so that you are able to relax and allow yourself to enjoy the session.


I would recommend that you give raindrop therapy a try and be sure to have your session with Heidi as it will be a very positive experience that will have you going back for more."



West Fargo, ND

"Today I was soo blessed to have a session with you. I was able to see and feel amazing things! Thank you for sharing your gift! I will definitely schedule again & recommend it for everyone who is looking for relaxation, comfort, and encouragement! Thanks a million!"


-J. P.

"Hi Heidi,


Just wanted to drop a short note to thank you for your help.  Since your oil treatments my  sinus  and breathing problem have greatly improved.  I recommend you to anyone."




"My sessions with you have created a long-lasting, positive impact on me!

I have been able to move forward in life and finally let go of negative emotions 

and past hurts that I wasn't able to do even with years of counseling!  Your

contact with me even after our sessions ended has truly been a blessing!  

I am very fortunate to have crossed paths with you in my life and I will highly

recommend a session with you to anyone!  Thank you again!!!"



"Good news, I have no back pain. So, I think you fixed me up.  I can actually sleep for more than just a few hours at  a time.  I thank you so much for that."